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Who Are We?

JumpStart Apparel is a brand with a purpose – a percentage of our profits goes to providing educational opportunities for those less fortunate through scholarships and social initiatives.

Why animals in space? The different animals represent the diverse population that remains bound by the restrictions of their reality. We aim to loosen the binds and prove that self-fulfillment is attainable by all human beings. All people have the right to happiness, and the freedom to choose their path.


The odds are against them. Yet, unsure of how they will reach their destination, they remain undeterred and determined to succeed. We invite people to be the exception, to beat the odds, to believe that there is a chance to thrive, and to reach a seemingly impossible goal. In these animals, we see courage. We see ambition. Our mission is to create the launching pad from which those less fortunate can soar beyond expectation. We see an indomitable spirit and inevitable success…but everyone could use a Jumpstart.

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